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our mission

The mission of IFWF is to protect basic human rights of civil society and victims of war and armed conflicts. We are for safe resettlement of immigrants and their families. Protection for those who seek harbor in fear for life and persecution is our main focus. IFWF accomplish its mission by charitable programs in social services and emergency assistance.

We believe that we all have basic human right to fearlessly live with dignity and respect. By our programs we take practical measures to protect immigrants, and especially those whose young family members are the most vulnerable in times of armed conflicts.

our guiding principle

A guiding principle of IF World Freedom’s mission is to uphold and protect the basic human rights and dignity of victims of war and armed conflict.  We will NEVER condone the inhumane treatment of these vulnerable populations and hope you will join us in supporting them as they seek to rebuild their lives in this beautiful country. 


The International Foundation for World Freedom (IFWF) is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit committed to serving immigrants and refugees displaced by war, armed conflict, natural disaster and socioeconomic hardship.  For over a decade, IFWF has partnered with major retailers, social services organizations and local businesses to assist thousands of vulnerable families establish themselves in the United States.  Through a multi-faceted approach, IFWF provides immigrant and refugee families with the comprehensive support they need to become self-sufficient citizens in their new lives, free of violence and exploitation. 


IFWF provides access to the following programs and resources:


  • Products4Home is made possible by generous corporate sponsors who donate high-quality home items including but not limited to furniture, bedding, and toiletries directly to IFWF.  The goal of this program is to help vulnerable immigrants and refugees make their new homes comfortable and ease their integration into American society.  Retail donations are catalogued, warehoused and distributed to individuals and families in need by IFWF staff and volunteers.

  • Network4Home allows qualifying nonprofit organizations including community clinics, churches, and home ownership advocacy groups to sign up for bulk product donations from IFWF’s warehouse. 

  • Emergency Assistance.


IFWF programs are made possible by a strong network of volunteers, local organizations, and generous donors

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