our team

Yuliya Davtyan - Chair and CEO

Dr. Elza Rafikova - Board member, Network4Home program, Fundraising Department

Serge Chernov - Board member, Products4Home program

Natalia Zakharova - Board member, Products4Home program distribution, Emergency assistance program

Artur Stepanyan - Board member

Mohamed Ibrahim - Products4Home program

Elaine Perrotte - Writer

Sabrina Dorfman - Public relations

Jordan Shapiro - Research assistant

Kristen Motley, MMS PA-C - Social Media Community Specialist

Rebecca Immanuel - Development department

Irit Hoffenberg, CPA - Financial department, Fundraising department

Victoria Sloane Hofer - Fundraising department

Abigail Crispin - Research assistant at the Development department

Joshua Ojeda Sanchez - Research assistant at the Development department

James Yamin - Translator Arabic - English - French, War and Peace project

Robert Boucher, MHist - Historian and designer, War and Peace Project

Sarah Cox, MA - Financial Literacy Program

Sandra Valero - Public Relations specialist

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