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What do you know about UD Day in Los Angeles?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

“UD Day” is the filing of evictions through unlawful detainer complaints, and hundreds of thousands of housed families, children, and individuals will be impacted by these evictions.

As COVID cases continue to spread in Los Angeles, with many businesses still closed, “UD Day” rapidly approaches and hundreds of thousands are dreading the surge of evictions and fear becoming homeless.

Emergency regulations currently make it illegal to serve a summons for an unlawful detainer action, but those could be lifted at any time. The leading cause of homelessness in

Los Angeles has been the high pricing of housing and rent in the area, and COVID-19 has only exasperated these socioeconomic barriers, and brought them into the light. 

This information is according to a study just released by the UCLA Luskin Center, this study focuses on L.A., which has the second highest percentage of renters in the United States, but this situation is relevant statewide. Los Angeles is a very unequal city when it comes to housing, and now is the time we must take action for housing justice.

To help any displaced families you can always reach to your local community or donate here

Kimberly Stack

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