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IFWF accomplishes its mission by charitable programs in social services and emergency assistance. 

Over a dozen years have passed since we opened our doors, and the world has changed. Countries have been destroyed; people flee in fear for their life in masses. At IFWF, we hear cries of children. They are suffering through a living hell; tortured, killed, maimed, turned into suicide bombers, imprisoned, and starved to death. Children are paying the highest price in numerous wars around the world today. 

IFWF has been providing social services for immigrants for the past 19 years. The changing world and the state of armed conflicts today direct our focus to the needs of children. Our mission and capabilities first serve refugee children - the largest, most indigent, and most vulnerable group.
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  • Financial Literacy Educational Program
    Financial Literacy Educational Program
    Time is TBD
    Online Virtual Lessons
    Online Virtual Lessons
    The Financial Literacy program educates participants on the basics of financial transactions in the United States and, in time, enables participants to independently manage their personal finances and maintain financial stability. For educational organizations - contact us for cooperation.
  • Emergency Assistance
    Emergency Assistance
    By request
    Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
    For individuals and charitable organizations.
  • Program "Network4Home"
    Program "Network4Home"
    Registration is open
    For charitable organizations in California, USA. Join our Network to receive product donations in bulk for your community.
  • Program "Products4Home"
    Program "Products4Home"
    By request
    Distribution location is TBD
    Distribution location is TBD, Los Angeles, CA
    This program is for refugees, immigrants, and their families.
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