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Keeping kids healthy in the age of COVID-19

Life is far from normal right now and the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 makes planning for the future difficult.

Kids are especially vulnerable to the stress and negative mental, emotional and physical health impacts caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, in addition to washing hands frequently, covering coughs, and social distancing, there are lots of ways kids can stay healthy and active during this difficult time.

  1. Move, move, move! Dancing and yoga are fun indoor activities that don’t require much space. If you can safely go outside, go for a bike ride, run, walk or hike. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day!  

  2. Get creative Write a story, paint or draw, listen to music. Now is a perfect time to learn a new skill such as a new instrument or language. Use your imagination to discover a new, cool side of yourself.

  3. Stay in Touch It’s tough being away from friends and family who don’t live with you and it’s normal to feel sad. You’re not alone and chances are the person you miss, misses you right back! If you’re thinking of someone, reach out to them by phone, video-chat, or send them a handwritten letter.  

  4. Help Out Whether it’s cleaning up your toys, making your bed, reading to a brother or sister, taking care of your pet, or doing your schoolwork, doing something kind or helpful for someone else can make you feel a lot better. Do not forget even a simple gesture like a hug can show your family you love and appreciate them.

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