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Program "Network4Home"

For charitable organizations in California, USA. Join our Network to receive product donations in bulk for your community.

Program "Network4Home"
Program "Network4Home"

Time & Location

Registration is open


About the Event

Register with our Network4Home of Southern California organizations for an opportunity to get products donations.

Being a part of our network you will receive:

1. Access to our catalog of available products.

2. E-mail alerts for donation opportunities all year around.

3. Special deals for bulk donations of very valuable products for your community.

Product use guidelines

We do our best to meet the requirements of our donors. Every load is carefully inspected and verified with our donors guidelines before given to you.

Donated products must be given away by your organization free of charge to your community or be used by your organization for administrative purposes. Products cannot be sold, traded, bartered, given to volunteers or staff as gifts or distributed in any fundraising activities such as raffles, door prizes, silent auctions, etc. The products you receive cannot be shipped outside of the United States without prior written consent from us.

Certain products will be available for you in limited quantities at one time and/or annually. Other products have specific geographic limits.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Proof of your organization’s 501 (c)(3) status;

2. An updated Form 990, filed with the IRS for the previous year;

3. Verification that your organization fulfills all anti-terrorism requirements outlined under the Patriot Act, and

4. A signed agreement by an authorized representative of your nonprofit that demonstrates he/she understands IFWF Product Use Guidelines and agrees to them.

We may require other information for your nonprofit. If you wish to apply, please contact us at

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