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Dear friends,

The International Foundation for World Freedom (IFWF) congratulates you with all upcoming holidays, and wishes you a warm, wonderful and majestic holiday season. We wish you health, joy, love and peace in the soul and around the world.

This year was a challenge. There is no need to remember how it was difficult to survive amongst the pandemic and different crises around the globe. COVID-19 attacked us again and again, refugees came from different locations, and more and more people needed our help.

However, we stood up despite all difficulties. Thanks for your support we are able not only to survive but to develop our foundation and become better than we were before.

We continue holding our Emergency Assistance Project by providing products of first necessity for families in need in critical time. We are expanding our Network4Home of Southern California organizations for an opportunity to get product donations. In partnership with our donors, we continue our unique Products4Home program. And of course, we continue working on our Financial Literacy project, which will be able to help people, who came to the United States from other countries, to better understand how to live here.

All these achievements became reality because of generous support, and we want to thank you.

More projects are coming. 2022 is already knocking on our doors. Let’s greet it with love and peace. Let’s meet him together. Let’s support those who need our support and love.

Happy New Year!

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