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The Trump administration imposes new rules to deny green cards to immigrants benefitting from government assistance



The Trump administration has once again taken further steps in its long battle to reduce legal immigration in the country by announcing new rules that can deny green cards to those seeking or using federal aid such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance or any type of government assistance.

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Massive immigrant raid takes place in Mississippi resulting in 680 people arrested

A record setting immigrant raid swept the towns of Bay Springs, Canton, Carthage, Morton, Pelahatchie and Sebastopol in Mississippi this Wednesday resulting in the arrest of 680 people. The raids targeted workers from seven agricultural plants in which nearly 700 people were detained on suspicion of not having legal authorization to work in the U.S.

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 “Safe Third Country Agreement” Signed By Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales

On Friday of last week, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales signed the “safe third country agreement” as announced by Trump, in order to reduced the number of asylum seekers migrating into the U.S. The agreement was signed days after the Guatemalan constitutional court ruled against such agreement when faced with widespread opposition by the country’s populace. As a result, Trump announced a series of tariffs on Guatemalan goods, taxes on remittances and a potential travel ban to Guatemalan citizens travelling to the U.S., if such agreement was not reached.

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The Trump Administration expands its power to by pass immigration courts and expedite deportations

In an ongoing effort by the Trump Administration to deport undocumented immigrants and decrease immigration into the U.S., on Tuesday July 22nd, it announced a significant expansion to its powers by using a fast-track deportation process that bypasses immigration judges. This policy is aimed to quickly deport undocumented immigrants that have entered the country illegally in the past two years.

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The Trump Administration imposes new restrictions

to drastically decrease asylum seekers

On Monday July 15th, the Trump Administration imposed new restrictions on those seeking asylum through land in its continuing attempt to curbed asylum seekers from Central America. In a statement from the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, the new restriction will prohibit asylum for those migrants who have resided or traveled through a third country end route to the U.S. As a result, this new rule will limit 

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